We are experts helping industrial pioneers into the digital age. From production to product, IT to IoT, and strategy to execution.

How we work

We at XIThing believe that connecting the digital world to the physical world will create immense value. There’s an incredible amount of untapped value in “dumb” objects. The only reason it is still locked up is that technology hasn’t yet caught up yet to our imagination. With cheap microcontrollers and new wireless technologies, times are changing, and XIThing plans to be at the forefront of innovation for our customers, taking them to the next level.

Our process

1. Assess

To get a clear picture of both the current and desired situation we start with a holistic and thorough look at your current business and domain. Starting with structured interviews with board members, employees, customers, suppliers and other related parties. Followed by in-depth assessment of the products, working processes, the team, the company culture and (software) tools.

2. Brainstorm

Once the current and desired situation are clear our imagineers will use their creative, analytical and technical skills to think up ways to improve your current business or imagine completely new business models. This is done through a number of structured brainstorm sessions with relevant and fitting people from all parts of the company.

3. Select

From the broad selection of ideas resulting from the brainstorm session the most promising ideas for your company’s future are selected. What is promising follows from the results of the company assessment phase. This is done cooperatively using a structural method.

4. Design

The information system that leads to the selected ideas is designed using XIThing’s unique ecosystem- and process approach. With a given goal and ecosystem a process is devised that leads to the goal in that ecosystem. This requires a number of sessions in which domain experts from your company work closely together with the experts from XIThing.

5. Proof of concept

XIThing uses unique tools to translate the design into a proof-of-concept system that can be tested in a realistic setting. This feedback will steer the further development and fine-tuning of the information system.

6. Implement

Finally, using our unique and modern software development approach a rock solid production solution will be implemented. The XIThing team consists of very experienced, friendly and ambitious IT/IoT software professionals that know what it takes to build world-class information systems for a wide range of clients and situations.

Our partners