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About us

We at XIThing believe that connecting the digital world to the physical world will create immense value. There’s an incredible amount of untapped value in “dumb” objects. The only reason it is still locked up is that technology hasn’t yet caught up yet to our imagination. With cheap microcontrollers and new wireless technologies, times are changing, and XIThing plans to be at the forefront of innovation for our customers, taking them to the next level.

At XIThing we help you reap the benefits of this revolution. Internet of Things systems can create and improve business processes in a unique and innovative way which give your company the edge it needs. We approach our projects using the AID methodology, which stands for Analyze, Imagine and Develop. We start by analyzing your business and process, to give you insight in what you do and where your business can benefit. We then apply our experience and creativity to imagine how these opportunies can be realized. And finally, we are also able to develop the systems to reap the benefits.


For XIThing it is trivial that if IoT is done right, it can deliver on the promise of a decentralized world of trust and security. A world where stakeholders decide what to share and with whom, without breaking the privacy of other stakeholders. The collateral damage from the vulnerability of overly centralized systems or cheap IoT can only be prevented it its done right from the start. It doesn't make sense anymore to just look at your own interests.

Lars de Ridder

After several years of technical positions in the roaring ticketing industry, from development to head of tech, Lars decided to found a company dedicated to the Internet of Things, which quickly attracted several customers on the verge of transition. His approachable personality combines greatly with his technical savvy and expertise.

Martijn Veening

With more than 20 years of experience architecting and developing all kinds of software systems as an entrepreneur, from ERP systems to airport software, Martijn has extensive experience with all aspects of software engineering. He is exceptionally well qualified to advise on how businesses can benefit from the latest technology, as well as provide that technology.

Henk Doornbos

With his academic background and extensive experience, born from practical applications and high level education and refined through decades of architecting and entrepreneurship, he is able to bring value to every project. He is able to make everything better, both companies and persons. He easily gets an overview of a situation and is then able to take steps to improve it.

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Want to build cool stuff that matters? You're in luck, because XIThing is looking for professionals that want to work on a better web. Are you a Software Engineer with imagination that wants to test your skills in a high tech area? And do you want to help improve the way we work? Or are you a creative professional that wants to help companies become better through the use of our technology? Contact us!

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