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LoRa: The latest revolution in IoT wireless technologies

LoRa managed to become popular in part through the successful crowdfunded The Things Network initiative, but cellular providers are also looking to get a piece of the pie. It promises long range and low battery usage, and it’s aiming to power the next generation of Internet of Things applications as a worldwide standard for IoT communication. We’ll talk about what it can do, if it will be able to deliver, and what can be in it for your business.

Simple continuous deployment with docker compose, docker machine and Gitlab CI

We’ve found that docker compose is probably the best way to go for local development with docker and microservices, with the docker compose yaml file format being very usable as well. And for some projects, there really is no need to scale up to having multiple containers of a service, as you’ll be just fine with running all your containers on a single host. For these projects you want to get to production as smooth (or simple) as possible.

Press release: XIThing van start

De Groningse startup incubator Media2B, aanjager van de Web11 beweging/conferentie en expert op het gebied van innovatieve internet technologieën, heeft een nieuw bedrijf opgericht: XIThing (uitspraak: ‘exciting’ of ‘11thing’). XIThing gaat Internet of Things (IoT) hard- en software ontwikkelen waarmee een beter web (Web11) gebouwd kan worden.

IoT isn’t about smart things. It’s about smart interactions.

I often read “visionary” articles of the Internet of Things where the author focuses on the “things” that will change our lives. On the lightbulbs, the doorposts and the bikes that are suddenly made “smart” by adding a (micro)processor and some wireless tech to it, and then magically enrich our lives. And while those innovations are great, they’re not even half the story.

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